Did you know that Taxes and Fertilizer go hand in hand?

Garpiel StaffNews

wet grass

Mid April is tax season, but did you know that it is also time to fertilize the lawn?

Lawns that may need fertilizer are lawns that have sustained damage and need to be filled in by new growth, lawns that are light green or showing traces of yellow, or lawns that you would simply like to see greener and thicker. In many situations fertilizer is optional.

Choosing a fertilizer with the correct nitrogen – phosphorous – potassium ratio is important. Many general purpose fertilizers will have a 15-5-10 ratio or similar. Consult an expert before fertilizing as to what your lawn, garden beds, and other plants may need, as they may all have separate needs.

Application quantity and frequency matter. Too much fertilizer at once could burn the lawn. It is important to follow the fertilizer manufactures instructions: testing on a small patch first, quantity for your lawn, and correct frequency for the best results.

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