Garpiel Group Helps ReLeaf Michigan

Garpiel StaffNews


The team at Garpiel Group joined ReLeaf Michigan and helped plant trees in Midland this spring.

Garpiel Group supports ReLeaf Michigan’s efforts to educate the public on the value of trees, and how to properly select, plant, and maintain them. Recently, we joined a team of about 40 ReLeaf Michigan volunteers to plant trees in Midland.

ReLeaf Michigan helps organize volunteers and communities to plant trees in neighborhoods. Volunteers plant the trees with ReLeaf’s guidance. The goal is to use the planting day as an opportunity to teach people about proper plant selection and placement. The method is called “Right Tree-Right Place.” In Midland, for example, the planting was near power lines, so the trees selected won’t grow tall enough to interfere with power lines.

ReLeaf pays half the cost of the trees and the organization pays the other half. Garpiel contributed 8 trees to the Midland planting.

In the end, the trees make a direct, tangible improvement to the quality of life in a community. To learn more about ReLeaf, and their efforts to use trees to improve the quality of life in Michigan, visit their website here.