Garpiel Group Honors Veterans for the 5th Consecutive Year

Garpiel StaffNews

Don’t let the beautiful fall weather that we enjoyed in Michigan this October lull you into a false sense of security. We know winter always brings snow and cold. With that in mind, the Garpiel Group is again offering free snowplowing to families of two military personnel in the area.

This is the 5th consecutive year we’ve offered this service to show our appreciation for military personnel.  We appreciate the many freedoms we enjoy and would like to acknowledge the many sacrifices soldiers make in serving our country.

If you know of a qualifying family that could use our help this season, please call (989) 797-4749 or send a message with contact information to Please send us the names by 5 p.m. Tues., Nov. 22. We will announce our selections on Facebook.

Thank you to all our military personnel for your service.

“Military personnel and their families make great sacrifices for our country,” said Rob Garpiel. “If we can help by providing snow removal services, I’m happy to do it.”

The winners will be announced on our website and on Facebook.

If you stop by our offices, please take a moment to look for the flag you see above. The flag was given to us by a Bay City soldier whose family received free lawn maintenance from the Garpiel Group a few years ago. The soldier flew the flag for a day in Afghanistan, in honor of Garpiel Group, and then presented it to us.

“Our team looks forward to the privilege of serving these soldiers again,” Rob said.