Garpiel Strives to Help Individuals Grow and Prosper

Garpiel StaffNews

By Matthew DeVries

A business is only as good as the people tasked with carrying out its mission. Garpiel Group strives to be the preferred landscaping provider in the area and we believe it begins with our people and culture. Beyond providing a positive and encouraging environment for our team each day, it’s important to provide an opportunity for growth and accountability within the company leaders who make a direct impact throughout the organization. With these efforts, it is our goal that each level of leadership within the company is held accountable for how it develops its direct reports, thus creating a sort of trickle-down effect that bolsters both the individual and company.

Garpiel Group believes that taking the time to develop our talent will ultimately benefit our clients and their experience with our company, long-term. I believe the benefit is seen two-fold in being able to encourage and inspire others to take ownership in their position with Garpiel Group and how it affects their work performance and our clients’ satisfaction.

Currently, I am working with our executive leadership team on a monthly basis, as we work through quarterly goals and focus on areas of strength that ultimately enhance the company’s vision. Each person on the executive leadership team has direct reports they work with regularly to encourage individual growth and success in their respective divisions. Likewise, Rob Garpiel (President/CEO) works with our second-level leadership team and a similar agenda. This team is comprised of our account managers and those directly leading several of our company divisions. They’re tasked with shaping and developing direct reports who might be next in line for a leadership position within Garpiel Group and determining how to best utilize the various strengths encompassed within our field workers.

I share this information to promote the fact our landscaping company goes beyond cutting grass and digging holes. Garpiel Group truly values its team and the unlimited potential for growth in every aspect. We consider the importance of investing in our team and believe our clients reap the true benefits when they experience a team member who has a clear path toward success and an initiative to succeed. Garpiel Group will never stop growing, even when the grass does.