Garpiel Group Promotes Matthew DeVries to Vice President

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The Garpiel Group is proud to announce Matthew DeVries’ promotion to Vice President. “Matthew has demonstrated his ability to implement processes and integrate the Garpiel philosophy throughout the company,” said Rob Garpiel, the founder and president of the full-service landscaping firm. “We are pleased that he is taking on a new role within the company to help our team and … Read More

Garpiel Group Helps ReLeaf Michigan

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The team at Garpiel Group joined ReLeaf Michigan and helped plant trees in Midland this spring. Garpiel Group supports ReLeaf Michigan’s efforts to educate the public on the value of trees, and how to properly select, plant, and maintain them. Recently, we joined a team of about 40 ReLeaf Michigan volunteers to plant trees in Midland. ReLeaf Michigan helps organize … Read More

Did you know that Taxes and Fertilizer go hand in hand?

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wet grass

Mid April is tax season, but did you know that it is also time to fertilize the lawn? Lawns that may need fertilizer are lawns that have sustained damage and need to be filled in by new growth, lawns that are light green or showing traces of yellow, or lawns that you would simply like to see greener and thicker. … Read More

Garpiel Landscaping Grows Into Garpiel Group

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garpiel logo and name

We’re proud and excited to announce a new name and many new services we can provide to your home or business. The new Garpiel Group promises to continue the Garpiel Landscaping tradition of hiring exceptional people to provide exceptional services. Garpiel started in 1997 as a landscaping company. We continue to love teaching people about nurturing plants and we remain … Read More

Free snow removal offered to 2 families of veterans

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If the weather gets anywhere near as frightful as the forecasters make it sound, then winter is going to start with a bang this weekend. With that forecast in mind, we’re extending our deadline for submitting nominations for free snow plowing for two military families. Please submit nominations by 5 p.m. Tues., Nov. 24. If you missed our original announcement … Read More

Winter Burn can be avoided

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winter burn

Now is the time to protect your plans from Winter Burn, a condition that happens when plants lose water from the leaves throughout the cold winter months. Throughout the year, plants release water as part of the photosynthesis process. But when the ground is frozen, it’s difficult for them to replace all the water they lose. Plants most susceptible to … Read More

Pink sweatshirts helping families affected by cancer

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team photo

By now, you’ve probably seen the Garpiel Landscaping team around town, proudly wearing bright pink sweatshirts. It’s not the new Garpiel uniform. Instead, it’s our way of raising money for patients and families during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Rob, Joe and Matt Garpiel are helping their mother through cancer treatments now. The brothers decided they wanted to do something to … Read More

Our latest newsletter is available now

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2016 newsetter

Look for our latest newsletter in your mailbox! You’ll find an article from our arborist, Don Churchill, about how to nurture your trees now in preparation for next summer. Joe Garpiel, Plant Health Care Manager, offers tips on how to protect your plants from the wrath of winter. These are key topics for Michigan property owners in the fall. In … Read More

Oaks need to be pruned after the growing season ends

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wilting oak leaves

If you have oak trees, don’t put away your pruning tools. Oaks need  pruning during the dormant season, which starts in about a month. Pruning can be an important part of tree maintenance. Regular thinning improves the aesthetics and health of trees. Proper pruning allows air to flow freely through trees, helping the interior dry after rain. Thinning also allows … Read More

Winter forecast got you down? No worries!

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On a warm and sunny fall day, no one wants to think about snow and ice. Except the weather forecasters. For some reason, they spend every fall fixated on trying to predict what’s going to happen over the entire winter. Every year, it’s the same thing. Some declare it’s going to be warm. Some insist it’s going to be wet. … Read More