System Installs

Garpiel Group uses only state-of-the-art equipment for locating wiring and valves to minimize digging and damage to your property during in-ground lawn sprinkler or landscape lighting installation. These systems can be installed as manual or automatic systems. They can even be equipped with remote access control technology. We offer expert repairs and technical services, should problems arise.

Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems

Garpiel’s professional installation crew prides themselves in the care they take in creating an efficient and effective system, with particular attention to water conservation, ease of maintenance and operation.

Our scheduled maintenance programs ensure that your lawn and landscape are watered properly throughout the season. We can winterize your system to improve longevity and minimize problems.

Outdoor Technology

Technology today is truly amazing. You can open your garage, turn on and off lights, adjust the thermostat in your home, all while being miles or thousands of miles away from home. In the landscape business there is a similar blend of technology that has become very popular.

Several different leading landscaping lighting and irrigation companies have created “smart” controllers, which connect to the WiFi system within your home or business. This allows you to control your lighting or irrigation system from the comfort of your bed, or thousands of miles away, all from your smart phone or tablet. Additionally, it can allow Garpiel Group to access your system remotely to make adjustments to zone run times, perform basic troubleshooting, and turn the system on and off.