Plant Health Care

Beyond the care of trees

It’s called Plant Health Care because it goes beyond the care of trees. Trees, shrubs, ornamental plants and even turfgrass share the same environment. What affects one plant may also have an impact on the rest of the living area. Garpiel’s certified arborist, Don Churchill, has the experience and training to detect potential problems and sick trees before they become life-threatening.

At Garpiel Group, our Plant Health Care program is based on the Integrated Pest Management system, which is designed to diagnose the issues that affect your trees and shrubs with the greatest of accuracy. That means we treat only when needed, reducing the possibility of damage to your plants. This process of tree care and plant care also reduces the use of pesticides and saves you money.

After an accurate diagnosis, Garpiel Group uses treatments that are carefully researched and time-tested by Michigan State University, Ohio State University and other major universities to heal sick trees. We use the best practices and proper timing for the accurate treatment of tree, plant and shrub diseases. With our Plant Health Care services, we ensure accurate disease diagnoses, the proper timing of treatment and the correct chemical choice — all by state-certified pesticide applicators.

Plant and tree health solutions start with our certified arborist

Tree Care and Shrub Care

  • Selection and placement
  • New plantings
  • Removal
  • Replanting
  • Health monitoring
  • Pruning
  • Avoiding tree damage during construction
  • Consultations

Pest and Disease

  • Consultations and accurate diagnosis
  • Preventative treatments
  • Trunk injections
  • Foliar and trunk sprays
  • Soil drenches
  • Routine monitoring
  • Trees and Shrub Fertilization

  • Soil testing
  • Nutrient deficiency determination
  • New tree support
  • Root fertilization for newly installed and mature trees and shrubs
  • Proper application and timing for the plant’s condition