Our Process

Nothing we do is routine. You bring a unique set of expectations and needs to the Garpiel Group. That’s why we visit your site and discuss your expectations before we sign a contract for any of our services. At the initial meeting, we’ll talk about your property, how you use it and your plans for the future. Based on that conversation, we’ll give you a proposal that fits your needs and desires.


No matter what you hire Garpiel Group for, you’ll have a point of contact within our company. At our first meeting, we’ll set up a schedule for how often you want updates and we’ll ask you how you prefer to be contacted. You can expect regular, consistent communication from Garpiel.

As a true design and build company, we guide our clients through each part of the landscape process:

  1. A member of our Discovery Team will set up an initial on-site planning meeting for a site analysis and listen to your thoughts, ideas and intended uses for your outdoor space.
  2. We take your dreams and our discussions to our Designers, who turn your ideas into a visual plan.
  3. You get your first glimpse at what your home setting will be transformed into. At this second meeting you will be introduced to your project’s Client Relations Manager. We present your design plan and proposal with a start date and clear expectation when your project will be complete.
  4. It’s time to build. As Garpiel Group’s Build Team brings your dream to life, your Client Relations Manager will remain in communication with you to ensure your satisfaction throughout all facets of the project.
  5. When your project is complete, we schedule a Walk-thru of your completed outdoor space transformation. We want to make sure you are satisfied with all the details, but beyond that, ensure you are satisfied for years to come.
  6. Now kick back and enjoy your personal paradise.

From that very first meeting, we take pride in providing a satisfactory customer service experience and making sure all your needs are met.

We’re Green

Garpiel Group has been helping the environment since the company’s inception as Garpiel Landscaping in 1997. We’ve been planting trees, shrubs and flowers all over the state of Michigan. Garpiel Group has blossomed into a culture of doing business as ecologically friendly as possible. We continue to identify areas where we as a company can improve our Earth-friendly and green standards. Among our ongoing initiatives:

  • green-recycling-logoWe instituted a recycling program within our facility to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. We have a trash bin for the sole purpose of recycling paper and plastic products rather than placing all of our refuge into one container.
  • We established a recycling program for metals used in our industry. All of the scrap metal from old lawn mower blades and snow plows, as well as other metal items, are recycled. Funds generated from the recycled metals program are designated for funding continuing education programs for our staff.
  • Rising fuel costs and the continued effects that fossil fuel consumption has on our planet helped us to realize that we could be doing more. Garpiel Group is extremely proud to be one of the first landscape companies in the area to switch some of our vehicles to fuel-efficient 4-cylinder models. This helps to reduce emissions and reduce operating costs, which translates into savings for our clients.
  • We research the products we use for the cleaning and maintenance of our vehicle fleet and building custodial care. We make every effort to use products that are recognized as being “green” and non-toxic.