Garpiel Group is a proud member of several international, state and local professional organizations. We feel it is important to participate with other industry professionals so that we can give our clients the best possible service while utilizing the most current industry practices. Whenever possible, we share education information from these organizations and from our own team members years of experience.

Pests & Diseases

Ninety-five percent of yard and garden visitors are harmless and some are even helpful with eating other insects, breaking down organic matter and pollinating flowers. However, that remaining 5% can cause great damage if left unchecked. If your plant life is ailing, Garpiel Group can help determine what can be done to manage pests and disease in your outdoor spaces.

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Bad Weeds

Ralph Waldo Emerson claimed a weed was “A plant whose virtues have not been discovered.” But when they grow in your lawn or garden, they can overpower the plants you are trying to grow. If a weed is strong enough it can cause overcrowding and depletion of the soil nutrients and moisture that would otherwise be available to your grass or garden plants.

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Maintenance Matters

We all have a tendency to put things off. Many homeowners cite outdoor care of their home as their most difficult maintenance task, thus it is put off until it becomes unsightly, and even problematic. There are many good reasons for regular maintenance of outdoor spaces for both homes and businesses.

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Designing Spaces

From designing a master plan design that is pleasing and enjoyable, to employing technology to help you with management and all the budgeting questions in between, Garpiel Group is your land care specialist. Check out some of the latest in considerations when creating your outdoor haven:

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