Garpiel Group Continues to Invest in Team

Garpiel StaffNews

Garpiel Group prides itself on providing a quality service that is performed by professional craftsmen. But how do you maintain a consistent team of professional craftsmen with an ever-changing economy and the daily challenge of operating a grounds services company (in Michigan), which requires detail-oriented, manual labor?

Our company must remain competitive in not only the way we compensate team members but in maintaining a positive culture that encourages team members to take pride in their work and all that goes with wearing a Garpiel Group uniform each day. Throughout the years, some of our greatest candidates have come from employee referrals. If a team member enjoys where they work and feels the compensation is competitive, they are more likely to persuade their friend(s) to join our team.

Garpiel Group offers a retirement plan with an employer matching contribution, as well as a competitive wage that aligns with the many advanced opportunities available in leadership positions for those willing to make the investment in themselves. That investment may mean Garpiel paying for continued education for work-related certifications that team members can take with them wherever they may go.

Starting in 2018, Garpiel Group is proud to offer health insurance for our team members who have been employed by the company for more than 60 days. We feel this is a tremendous benefit for our team members and unique to the landscaping industry within our region. It’s an opportunity for us to invest in our team and their families and, furthermore, continue to attract talent. This will enable us to sustain a level of excellence when it comes to the quality and service our clients receive. As we continue to grow, we are committed to remaining at the forefront of offering a competitive career opportunity for team members which, in turn, creates lasting value for our clients beyond their investment.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in exploring an employment opportunity with Garpiel Group please contact us. No experience required, just a positive attitude – we will train the talent! Click here to see our Available Positions today.