Apple Scab

Garpiel StaffNews, The "Tree Man" Report

Apple scab is a common fungus that attacks most varieties of apple and crabapple trees. Its unsightly fruiting bodies can be spotted from far away on the leaves and fruit. As it grows, the healthy green leaves turn a sickly yellow shade causing them to fall off the tree early, sometimes beginning in early July!

The good news is that this fungus can be controlled. In most cases, with two properly timed sprays, this disease can be managed and the impact on the trees can be significantly reduced.  Correct timing and products used are critical when it comes to treatments. This disease can be persistent, which is why it is always recommended to have a knowledgeable, professional arborist who is familiar with the disease, its life cycle, and treatment protocols handle any apple scab treatments.

With the correct treatments and care, it is possible to keep apple and crab apple trees looking great throughout the growing season.