Drought & Heat Stress is Tough on Trees & Shrubs

Garpiel StaffNews, The "Tree Man" Report

This time of year can be especially hard for trees and shrubs. The rain is drastically reduced and the temperatures are severely increased. This generally results in trees and shrubs falling victim to drought and heat stress.

The most obvious sign of this is wilting leaves. The leaves may start to curl, turn brown around the edges, turn yellow completely or just simply fall off. These can all be signs of drought or heat stress.

The simple solution is to make sure the plants are getting sufficient water. It is also important to remember that just because the trees or shrubs may be dropping leaves, it typically doesn’t mean that the plant is going to die. Most often the plants are able to recover either later in the season or the following year.

If you feel that your trees or shrubs may be experiencing drought or heat stress, please give our office a call. Our arborist can check them out to make sure it isn’t something more serious and also recommend solutions for the current year.