Emerald Ash Borers Attacking Ash Trees, Resulting in Millions Lost

Garpiel StaffNews, The "Tree Man" Report

Emerald ash borers have been in the state for around 20 years now, and the number of ash trees lost is in the millions. At this time, there is no sign of the insect slowing down which makes it imperative to protect the ash trees you want to save.

There are some great chemicals available that can make this happen. These chemicals are directly injected into the tree so there is no risk of exposure to kids or pets. The chemicals are rated at 99% effective for two years, which means the trees only have to be injected every-other-year. In addition, once injected, it is nearly 100% effective. That’s great news for those that have ash trees they wish to save.

Arborist, Don Churchill is your go-to guy for these types of injections. Call our office today to schedule an appointment with Don.