Our Conscious Company

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In May 2018 I was fortunate enough to attend my first Conscious Capitalism event at the SVSU Stevens Center for Family Business. I was interested in learning about how the movement was created and how companies that adopted the Conscious Capitalism philosophy were benefiting as a result of their participation in the movement. Bob Chapman, one of the guests who … Read More

Drought & Heat Stress is Tough on Trees & Shrubs

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This time of year can be especially hard for trees and shrubs. The rain is drastically reduced and the temperatures are severely increased. This generally results in trees and shrubs falling victim to drought and heat stress. The most obvious sign of this is wilting leaves. The leaves may start to curl, turn brown around the edges, turn yellow completely or just simply … Read More

Japanese Beetles Major Pest for Certain Tree Species

Garpiel StaffNews, The "Tree Man" Report

Japanese beetles can be a major pest for certain tree species. The adults emerge generally in the first week of July and feed on a variety of tree species. Some of their favorites include lindens, crab apples, plums, and crimson maples. They can also generally be found on cherry trees and certain varieties of willows. The feeding adults are easily identified by their … Read More

Is your tree losing its needles?

Garpiel StaffNews, The "Tree Man" Report

Needlecast is a very common, yet deadly, disease that affects spruce trees throughout the region. It is easily identified as it thins spruce trees out from the middle, leaving only very little growth, if any, just at the ends of the branches. It generally starts near the bottom of the trees and slowly works its way up, killing off branches … Read More

Company Updates — Spring 2019

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A new year brings fresh ideas and faces to Garpiel Group that we believe will enhance our clients’ experience. As we continue to grow it is our desire to streamline systems and implement new procedures in ways that allow for us to provide an exceptional service for all. Beginning in 2019 our service agreements will auto-renew each following season unless … Read More

Apple Scab

Garpiel StaffNews, The "Tree Man" Report

Apple scab is a common fungus that attacks most varieties of apple and crabapple trees. Its unsightly fruiting bodies can be spotted from far away on the leaves and fruit. As it grows, the healthy green leaves turn a sickly yellow shade causing them to fall off the tree early, sometimes beginning in early July! The good news is that … Read More

Establishing Roots – Why fertilization is important for the health of your trees and shrubs.

Garpiel StaffNews, The "Tree Man" Report

Trees and shrubs rely on nutrients in the soil for crown development, root growth, and health. In the forest, the plants get these nutrients from decaying organic matter on the forest floor. In urban settings, however, the debris is commonly removed before it has a chance to decay and enrich the soil, often times depriving plants of the nutrients they … Read More

Let us help you plant trees in the right spot

Garpiel StaffNews, The "Tree Man" Report

Trees get big.  That is one of their main objectives in life.  They want to get as big as they possibly can so they can soak up as much sun as possible and grow even bigger.  Some tree species get bigger than others. A Japanese Maple isn’t going to tower over a Red Oak. Regardless of the species, they all … Read More