Finish Grading

A yard that does not have a correct grade can cause basement seepage, pooling of water, foundation problems, lawn scalping by your mower and other problems. At Garpiel Group, we finish grade land to clear and smooth it out in preparation for sod, hydroseed, planting or whatever the next step may be for you. Large materials, including trees, are cleared as necessary, and dirt is added or removed as needed. We haul away removed materials. The dirt is then graded, removing rocks and other smaller materials. The result is level, properly draining land that is ready for the next step.

When grading your land, we:

  • Grade away from house foundation to help alleviate water seepage into your basement
  • Ensure proper runoff and prevent pooling of water in lawns
  • Remove stones or large dirt clods
  • Prepare for retaining walls, seeding or sod installation
  • Level uneven areas in your yard to ensure even mowing