Turf Fertilizing and Weed Control

Fertilization and weed control help your lawn provide aesthetic, recreational and environmental benefits to your home or business.

Constantly feeding an established lawn is important to keeping it looking good. But proper fertilization also helps reduce how much you have to water. Fewer weeds grow when the lawn is healthy. Fertilization even helps control insects and fungal diseases.

The main supplemental nutrients that comprise a complete fertilizer are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Each serves a specific function. Nitrogen is largely responsible for the growth of leaves on the plant. Phosphorus aids root growth and development. Potassium helps the overall function and insures proper growth.

Fertilizer works hand in hand with herbicides. The tricky part is knowing the best time to use each. You can count on Garpiel’s Certified Fertilizer Technicians to know what nutrients your lawn needs, when it needs them and how to best apply them.

Let the Garpiel team help your lawn grow lush, green and weed-free.

Managing Pests & Diseases

Ninety-five percent of yard and garden visitors are harmless and some are even helpful with eating other insects, breaking down organic matter and pollinating flowers. However, that remaining 5% can cause great damage if left unchecked.

Although pests and diseases can vary between different types of plant life, such as grass and trees, they share the same environment. What affects one plant may also have an impact on the rest of the living area. At Garpiel Group we are proud to have specialized teams that work together for the health and well-being of your entire outdoor living space.

Michigan’s plant life deals with climate extremes. No one is ever quite sure how cold the winter will get or how hot and dry the summer will be. That makes it hard to know exactly what stressors will face your plants and turf. Don’t worry, though. Garpiel Group has the expertise to predict and address problems.

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If your plant life is ailing, Garpiel Group and their Plant Health Care Specialist and ISA certified arborist can help determine the problem and advise you on how to best manage pests and disease in your outdoor spaces.