Crabgrass is the most commonly found grassy weed in Michigan lawns. Crabgrass grows vigorously in full sunlight and high temperatures and will easily out-compete cool season grasses under those conditions. The most notable areas in your turf would be along the driveway, sidewalks and rubber edging. Crabgrass is a summer annual. This plant has a life cycle of less than one year.

Summer annuals germinate in the spring, grow through the summer and die at the first hard frost. These plants produce a tremendous amount of seed that may lay dormant for years. It’s said that one year’s seeding equals seven years weeding.

The primary and most effective weed control tactic for your lawn is proper mowing. It has been estimated that regular mowing eliminates nearly 80 percent of weedy species. Other cultural practices, such as regular fertilization, can further reduce weed competition by increasing turf grass vigor. Open and weak turf grass areas promote crabgrass infestation because of higher soil temperatures, which enhance germination and decrease competition. The best defense against weed invasion is a dense, healthy turf grass stand. A thick turf canopy can effectively shade the soil and reduce the number of seedlings that are able to establish. Garpiel Group can keep your lawn crabgrass free.