The dandelion is a common perennial broadleaf member of the daisy family with a thick, deeply penetrating taproot that is found in lawns and other open turfgrass areas. They grow directly from the crown of the plant with no stem, forming a rosette at the soil surface. It is distinguished by its yellow flower, hollow stem that secretes a milky juice when broken and tufted seeds. It is spread by seed and by new shoots from roots or root segments.

Maintaining a dense, healthy lawn is the best way to manage many turf weeds. Mowing as soon as the first dandelion flower heads appear can help reduce infestation due to seed formation. For small areas, the plant can be managed by hand provided the taproot is removed. Care must be taken, however, as when the taproot is broken, each piece can produce 2-5 new shoots. Specific herbicides for broadleaf weeds may be used when the plants are actively growing.

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