Trees Provide Beauty and Add Value to Property

Most people are familiar with the benefits that trees add to our environment. Trees play a vital role in converting carbon dioxide into oxygen, helping reduce noise and providing shade for your home. Some people, however, may be unaware of the hidden values of trees.

Healthy trees throughout your yard add value to the property. Recent nationwide studies have shown that having healthy, mature trees in your landscape can increase the property value up to 19%.

This is an important number to remember when considering how to approach tree care for your property. Your best investment is in being proactive and maintaining the health of your trees.

It can take years to turn around the health of a tree after it has been affected by disease or insects. While the tree recovers, it does little to boost the value of your property. Removing an unhealthy tree is expensive and the loss immediately decreases the value of your property. Maintaining the health of your trees maximizes their hidden value for your property.

The beauty of trees, though, goes beyond dollars and cents. Their beauty even goes beyond their benefits to our environment and property values. Some people love trees for their beautiful spring flowers. Others are attracted to the shade they provide for picnics enjoyed with family and friends.

No matter why you love trees, it’s important to remember they are an intrinsic and valuable part of our community and should be treated as such.