Bedding Your Garden in Fall

Fall means it’s time to begin thinking about putting our vegetable and perennial gardens to rest. You might consider several options when it comes to the beautification of your gardens and preparation for next season.

The addition of organic soil amendments such as composting material, peat moss and cow manure will improve the soil’s structure, as well as allow more oxygen and water to the plants, thus promoting strong root growth.

Vegetable plants that have run their course should be added to your compost pile, if you have one, as well as leaves, sticks and other organic material. Since your perennials will come back next year, you can leave them in the ground.

However, if it has been three to five years since they were last divided, it’s a good idea to pull, quarter and replant them in the fall. This will control the size of the plant and allow it to produce a better bloom, as well as maintain a much better, “managed” appearance.

If you feel you could use some assistance with your preparation for the winter months, please call Garpiel Group at (989) 797-4749 to schedule an appointment for us to meet with you, no matter the size or type of plant bed.