Mowing Your Lawn

Raising the height of your mower may not be the most popular practice amongst many homeowners, but the overall health benefits to your turf are outstanding. Increasing the height of your mower to 3.5 to 4 inches will help promote a healthier lawn by thicken up your turf and creating a much better root system.

Having thicker turf will help crowd out weeds which means putting less pesticide on your lawn and into the environment.

Recently researchers at Michigan State University have discovered a third benefit is stopping grub damage. Watering during dry periods and raising the height of the mower increases the depth and mass of the roots under the surface of your lawn. Researchers have found if your turf root systems are dense enough, it’s unlikely that grubs will consume more then 60 percent of the root mass. This will leave enough roots for your lawn to survive without seeing dead patches. Garpiel Group encourages homeowners that don’t use our lawn care service to “Cut it high and let it lie.”