Overseeding is one of the most important lawn care tasks, yet few homeowners ever do it. So, you ask, if I fertilize my lawn properly, why do I need to add new seed, especially if my grass looks pretty good right now?

Grass is not immortal. After five or six years, plants will slow down their reproduction rates; they get tired just like we do as we age. Thin grass invites weeds. Overseeding compensates for that natural slow down of the turf’s reproduction.

There are two major benefits to overseeding every three or four years. First, you insure your lawn stays thick and dense. If it has thinned, you will make it thick again. Thick grass has few, if any, weeds, if it is mowed over 2 inches tall. The second benefit is disease resistance. The new varieties of seed you sow this year will have better disease resistance than those varieties already in your lawn. Early September is the best time to overseed. Call Garpiel Group at (989) 797-4749 today to schedule your lawn maintenance.