The Battle Against Apple Scab Starts Now

Apple scab – a common fungal disease that affects almost all apple tree species – becomes apparent in July. But Garpiel Group recommends early spring as the best time to begin combatting the fungus.

Apple scab discolors the leaves and fruit of infected trees. Young leaves yellow and then develop dark patches. The dark patches eventually release spores, spreading the disease. You may notice an infected tree dropping its leaves as early as July. Lesions also may develop on the fruit.

At Garpiel Group, we recommend two annual applications of a fungicide to combat the disease. The first spray is done when the leaves first emerge and the second is after the flower petals drop. When the disease is well established, or in a particularly wet spring, we may recommend a third spray. After treatment, we recommend root fertilization to help improve tree health.

Apple scab is the most economically destructive disease of apples in the world. But any fungus thrives in cool, wet conditions, making it important to properly prune your trees so air can flow through the branches and help dry out excess moisture in the canopy.

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