Austrian Pine ailments

Over the past decade throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region and Michigan, we have seen a major decline in blue spruce and Austrian pine conifers. There are several issues that commonly affect these types of trees. While Rhizophaera needlecast is a common problem for the Colorado blue spruce, for Austrian Pine conifers there are a couple of issues.

One disease we see in the Austrian pine is Dothistroma needle blight, which is similar to Rhizosphaera needlecast. Austrian pines also are affected by Diplodia tip blight, which affects new growth. Both Diplodia tip blight and Dothistroma needle blight can affect an Austrian pine at the same time.

There is hope for trees affected with needle blight or tip blight. At Garpiel Group, we have been using a combination of fungicide sprays, and have seen great improvement in affected trees. We recommend two fungicide sprays: one in mid-May and one in mid-June. In some cases, we may need only one spray, depending on the condition of the tree. If your trees are thin or bare and you can see through them, we may recommend spring or fall deep-root fertilization to help promote new growth.

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