Turf Fungi Can Be Controlled

When we experience frequent, heavy rain that causes slow-release fertilizers to break down faster than normal. The rain flushes out the nutrients faster than normal, leaving plants susceptible to damage, including turf fungi.

In this part of Michigan, the most common turf fungi we see are Red Thread, Dollar Spot, Summer Patch, and Necrotic Ring Spot. If you think one of these has infected your lawn, Garpiel can recommend cultural control methods that may help. For example, simply mowing your grass to a proper height helps combat fungal infections. Appropriate feeding, watering, aeration and overseeding with an endophyte-enhanced grass seed also help lawns avoid fungal problems.

However, there comes a point when these practices won’t fix the problem. At that point, a fungicide treatment is needed. Each type of fungus requires a unique type of treatment. At Garpiel Group, we have the expertise to predict and address a wide range of problems common to turfgrass in this part of Michigan.

Garpiel teaches our clients about management practices, such as proper mowing and fertilization, that build the strong root systems that are key to both healthy lawns and controlling weeds, insects, and fungal diseases.

Healthy lawns provide aesthetic, recreational, and environmental benefits. Well-maintained lawns and landscapes significantly increase property values and are a source of strong community pride.