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Snow Removal

Snow removal services are necessary to help keep your property safe and clear during the winter months in Michigan. Garpiel Group can take care of your commercial property during the harsh winter months with our high quality commercial snow removal services. The comprehensive commercial snow and ice management services we provide include: Our snow removal team offers state of the art snow plow & snow removal concepts. We work with every customer whether you are a residential driveway or a commercial lot. Commercial, Industrial & Residential

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Commercial and Residential Snow Removal

Our comprehensive snow removal services cater to a variety of needs, ensuring safety and accessibility during the winter months.

Here’s what we offer:

  1. Commercial Parking Lots:
    • Keep your business accessible with efficient clearing of parking lots. Our services ensure that your customers and employees can safely park and navigate your commercial spaces.
  2. Roads:
    • Ensuring safe and passable roads is our priority. Our team is equipped to handle snow removal on various road sizes, from small lanes to busy streets, maintaining clear and safe routes for all vehicles.
  3. Driveways:
    • Start your day with a clear path. Our driveway snow removal services are prompt and thorough, ensuring that your home or business driveway is accessible and safe, regardless of the weather.
  4. Sidewalks:
    • Pedestrian safety is paramount during snowy months. We provide meticulous snow clearing for sidewalks, keeping them safe for foot traffic and helping to prevent slips and falls.
  5. Moving and Hauling Snow Away:
    • When snow piles up, we’re here to move it out. Our services include not just snow clearing, but also the moving and hauling away of excess snow, ensuring your space remains uncluttered and manageable.
  6. Salting:
    • Combat ice and enhance safety with our salting services. We strategically apply salt to critical areas, reducing the risk of ice formation and providing safer, more walkable, and drivable surfaces.

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What snow removal services does Garpiel Group offer?

Do you provide snow removal for both residential and commercial properties?

Can you accommodate special requests or preferences for snow removal?

Yes, we strive to accommodate special requests and preferences whenever possible, ensuring our snow removal services meet your expectations.