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Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining the beauty of your landscape is as easy as making a phone call to Garpiel Group. We offer a full list of lawn care services for homes and businesses. All services are performed by our highly trained crews to help you achieve a plush, green lawn. Once you set up your service package, we will handle it from there.

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What lawn maintenance services do you offer?

Do you offer lawn mowing for residential and commercial properties?

What is included in your lawn mowing service?

Our basic mowing service includes cutting the lawn, string trimming every other week, and blowing grass clippings off paved surfaces. More importantly, we keep our lawn mower blades sharp, and we will alternate mowing patterns every week to ensure a fresh cut lawn.

How much does it cost to mow my lawn?

Do you pull weeds when you come to mow my lawn?

Do you offer seasonal clean-up services?

Flower Bed Maintenance

    • Regular weeding, mulching, and soil cultivation to ensure healthy flower growth.
    • Seasonal planting and care for a vibrant, colorful display year-round.


    • Expert pruning services to promote plant health and aesthetic shape.
    • Removal of dead or diseased branches to enhance plant growth and safety.

Shrub Trimming

    • Precise trimming to maintain the desired size and shape of shrubs.
    • Encouraging healthy growth and flowering through strategic trimming techniques.


    • Thorough removal of thatch layers to improve water, nutrient, and air flow to the soil.
    • Enhancing lawn health and preventing disease and pest infestation.

Spring & Fall cleanup

    • Comprehensive cleanup services to keep your lawn pristine in all seasons.
    • Removal of leaves, branches, and debris for a tidy and well-maintained appearance.

Lawn Mowing

    • Regular mowing with professional equipment for a neat and even lawn.
    • Height and frequency are tailored to your specific grass type for optimal health.


    • Precise edging for a clean, defined look around walkways, beds, and other landscape features.
    • Enhances the overall neatness and curb appeal of your property.