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Winter Injury

By January 17, 2024No Comments

Record snowfall and low temperatures over the winter months can affect plant life in many ways.

A common issue we see is dead/damaged Boxwood, Spruce, Juniper and Pine. This is commonly caused by the cold strong winds. The wind actually dries out the foliage. In some cases, it causes burn and death to foliage and branches. Sometimes the plant will recover, but it means you have to look at unsightly plants for awhile because it takes time for evergreen plants to recover from winter injury.

Newly planted trees established less than 5 to 10 years are hit hardest by deep cold. Symptoms for deciduous tree species, such as the Norway maple and the Bradford pear, include a substantially smaller leaf size and thinner canopy than in years past. Random branch death is evident throughout the trees. All of these issues are related to winter injury and/or unseasonable amounts of rainfall.

If you have concerns about your landscape foliage, don’t hesitate to call our office to have one of Garpiel Group’s plant health care experts look at your trees or shrubs. Call us at (989) 797-4749 any season.
boxwood turning brown – winter injury

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